Sunday, April 4, 2010

Makeup Sale!

EDIT: Added more items. If you have already paid for items and want more, I can add it to your order :)

-Paypal only!
-Please email me at with the items you would like to purchase and your shipping address. I will then send you an email confirmation of the items and total cost, as well as instructions on how to send the money via PayPal.
-Payment must be received within 24 hours of confirmation. Otherwise, these items will be sold to the next person.
-Shipping in the US for the first item is $2.50, then $.50 for each additional item.
-I'm willing to open this internationally. However, I will have to let you know on an individual basis the amount of shipping.
-All items are MAC.
-I ship on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
-Please check back if you are interested in a pending item. If I don't receive payment promptly, they'll be back on for sale :)

Eyeshadows: Each $11
Top: Smoke & Diamonds SOLD, Dreammaker, One-Off SOLD, Glamour Check SOLD
Bottom: Nile, Fashion Groupie SOLD, Idol Eyes SOLD, Claire De Lune

Top: Point Black Liquidlast Liner $10, Dark Brown Creme Liner $10
Rave Pearlglide Liner $12 SOLD, Black Russian Pearlglide Liner $12, Mystery Kohl Power $12

Lipsticks: 1N $12, Brew $12 SOLD, Made With Love $12 SOLD, Orchidazzle $10 SOLD, Ahoy There $12 SOLD, Overrich $10

Softnote Tendertone $8, Gadabout $8 SOLD
Pro Pan Palette Shadows: Each $9
Top: Chrome Yellow, Wedge SOLD, Seedling SOLD, Beautiful Iris, Passionate SOLD
Middle: Soba SOLD, Petalescent, Wondergrass SOLD, Flashtrack SOLD, Shroom SOLD
Bottom: Coral SOLD, Smut SOLD, Bamboo SOLD, Juxt SOLD

All $9 each
Top: Rose Blanc SOLD, Hepcat, Teal Blue, Poison Pen SOLD
Middle: Parfait Amour SOLD, Steamy SOLD, Fig 1 SOLD
Bottom: Deep Truth SOLD, Moonflower SOLD, Sushi Flower SOLD

All Pigments are full. Swatched once and that's about all the use they've seen! And the paint pot was used maybe 4 times max. Hardly used.
Your Ladyship Pigment $14 SOLD, Sweet Sienna $14 SOLD, Bright Fuschia $14, Nice Vice $12 SOLD

Thanks for looking at the sale :) I really appreciate your help.... dang speeding tickets!!!!

Happy Easter <3>


MakeupByKaylena said...

I will take smoke and diamonds, soba and juxt

Moira said...

Great sale! I may be back for more...Thanks!

Mui said...

Hi! I just saw your sale - I'm not sure if Sweet Sienna is still available? I see that its pending.

If it falls through, can you please let me know?


Diane said...

Stephie, I have a few Blog awards awaiting you dear!

**"Liza"** said...

hey Stephie I'm really interested to buy on of your makeup. I live in Richardson be great if you met up sometimes..;)

tinkle2345 said...

is softnote tendertone or one off shadow still available? my email is

LOVEVAS said...

Pro Pan Chrome Yellow
Hi Steph! =)

stephanie said...

i would like Black Russian Pearlglide Liner and i live in Australia how much would that be u can send it via letter envelop can e- mail me the detail

tinkerbell1491 said...

hey im interested in the balloonacy highlight powder. is it still available?

Marie.T said...

Hello, is the black liquidlast liner still available?

Vanessa&Denise said...

love mac makeup it wrks so fav is the purple eye shadow cuz my fav color is purple lol!!

come checkout my fashion blog n please subscribe!!!

Stephanie said...

random, but do you have Masque from the alexander mcqueen collection? I'd love to see it used!

Anonymous said...

i love it, but almost all is gone :(:(

do you sell more later???

when you sell more, will you email me??

this is my e-mail:


Vi said...

wish i didnt miss this blog sale :( mostly everything is gone.

check out my blog for discounted NEW NEVER USED NARS and other products! cheaper than retail price! :)
at !