Monday, March 15, 2010

Requested: Mod Doll Tutorial (Redo!!)


MAC Face & Body Foundation - N5 (187 brush)
MAC Studio Finish Concealer - NC35
MAC Invisible Set Powder - (150 brush)
MAC Emote Blush - contour (168 brush)
MAC Sunsparked Pearl Beauty Powder - highlight (138 brush)

Pandora's Box Eye Primer
MAC Porcelaine/ Browning Brow Shader
MAC Brule e/s - lid to browbone (227 brush)
MAC Blacktrack Fluidline - liner (209 brush)
MAC Carbon e/s
Ebay lashes
Shiseido Mascara Base & Lifting Mascara
Spining Blue Lens from Pinky Paradise

MAC Oak lip liner
MAC Peachstock l/s
MAC Brew l/s

I hope y'all like the tutorial and thank you for watching :)



PetiteAsianGirl said...

Thanks for the tutorial! I love the doll face and will be trying this for a look.

April said...

You are looking HOT HOT HOT as always! :)

stephaniepau said...

I love it! I loved it the first time you did it and I still love it now :)

Lisa said...

lens look stunning on you!

Life of Temptation said...

Heyy Stephhh! The contacts loook awesome !! It's unique!!<3 By the I am planning on purchasing the MAC face and body foundation..I used the Studio fix the face and body foundation formula feels better on the skin?? Your skin loooks flawlesssss :O Thanks in advance:D

My blog is ...

I've followed you a while back ..hahah:P Take caree babe Cindy xoxo

Vanilla said...

omg ur skin is glowing!!is it just the makeup or ur skin is really glowing??im so jealous!!hehe
i wonder that mac lippie combination,does it last long?
i never wear such pefect lippie coz im sure its gonna smudge after awhile

Linda said...

gorgeous stephie!

gloomyle said...

a question do you clean your 187 after each use? I use face and body foundation too but it dont look as flawless on me.

Yourz Truly Jess said...

gorgeous look :) it looks awesome on u

Alyssamae. said...

you always have a glowing and dewy skin! so jealous! :) 3 blog awards awaits you dear :)


niiiiice job!

Stephanie said...

when I saw peachstock in mac's london collection I thought "YES this is the one stephie always uses!"

turns out it was available in pro all along! haha, well now I can test it out! :)

Nicol said...

absolutely love it!

jAYEme. said...

i found you on youtube and i LOVE this look!! thanks!! and your puppy is sooooooooooooooooo cute! ^.^