Monday, December 15, 2008

Howdy From the MIA Stephie... Update with Pics!

Hey y'all. Happy very very belated Thanksgiving.....

Ok, I know I've been gone for a long time, and I haven't been making videos. I don't have any other excuses for y'all except that I am just busy. I've said that over and over again, and it is the truth. You probably are thinking, a person can't be THAT busy. Well I am. I know that sounds bitchy, but I'm so tired of people saying things to me. When I started this blog, I was still doing my basics so the class work was not hard or time-consuming. However, now that I am concentrating on my major, the work and study time has tripled, if not more. So this is my life. I work Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays 9am to 5pm. I literally am driving for work every morning and evening for AT LEAST an hour both ways (usually more) because of traffic. After work, I go to the gym and study. So there is pretty much no time for me to edit a video. Tuesdays and Thursdays are my school days. I am pretty much at school for 12 hours on those days. And since all I'm doing is studying, I don't care to put on lots of makeup or throw something on more than sweats. Hell I'm not trying to attract anyone! And the weekends are either filled with studying or volunteering with BAP. And of course partying and going out with friends. I wish I had the time to edit my videos, but what time I do spend at home, I'm usually sleeping or getting ready to go out.

So I'm sorry that life has been crazy and that I am trying to catch up with the life I couldn't lead last year. Last year I was with my ex. We didn't go out to parties that were fun. I mean, if y'all read my blog back in the day, you understand what I mean. Mainly they were his friends who did not speak English. Not fun.

But now I'm living a really fun and fulfilling life. And I'm sorry that I've been gone and that this post probably sounds bitchy, but I am frustrated. Yes I wish I could finish that list of to-do tutorials. And I am hoping I can now that I am on Christmas Break. But I'm not making any promises.

I would update about my life, but there are some things in life that just should stay private. And there are people who read my blog who for some reason thought it would be JUST makeup. But if y'all are interested I will post more about what I'm doing and life in general.. just let me know.

I know I've apologized, but again, I'm really sorry if this comes off mean and bitchy. I really do not mean to be that way.

But in better news, y'all know I have been single for a year now. Its been a great year, learned a lot of new lessons. Learned what its like to fall for douche bags. I may extrapolate on that in a later time. BUT.... I've met someone who has changed my mind about men. He is amazing. Its weird because I've been on a no-boys roll for months. Meaning I didn't want a boyfriend, I didn't want random booty, and I didn't feel like dating. I liked going out with my girls, not having to tell anyone what I was doing or who I was with, and I liked that I didn't have to change my schedule for anyone. Like I said, I went to the gym pretty much everyday and didn't let anyone ruin my schedule for me. So when I met Mike, I wasn't even looking. He's 25, brown hair, super pretty blue eyes, and super cute dimples. He looks younger than he is, but he's extremely independent and responsible... both points in his favor. And he knows how to treat a girl right.

We had met in February, but I never paid much attention to him. Our mutual friend Amanda introduced us, but at the time, we both were at points in our lives where we were more interested in other things than serious relationships. I was in my going out to bars and partying stage. He was in his friends are his life stage. So we didn't really get to know each other. We probably said hi once, and that was it. I would see him at her parties every now and again, but I would always leave early to go to Uptown Dallas or something.

Anyways, I think since my birthday in July (after a really bad night due to a certain douche bag boy who no longer is in my life) I decided that all I wanted to do was focus on school, working out, friends, family, and my future career. Boys were not allowed in my life, and this was a decision I had made. Its funny how when you swear of boys, they flock to you like a bee to honey. So weird. I had lots of guy friends, but I made it clear to each of them that I didn't want a relationship and I didn't want a booty-call. Its nice to have guy friends who know your intentions straight up. I was having a great time. Single life is actually really fun. But you always feel like something (or someone) is missing. I was even to the point where I didn't want to get married EVER, and I had already planned it in my mind that I would adopt if I weren't married by 30. That's how low boys in general were to me. They didn't mean a thing to me.

Then in November I went to Amanda's party again. And Mike was there. It was the strangest thing because I wasn't even looking or wanting to be close to a guy. But I guess it was just the right timing because it was like we were meant to be together. Its hard to explain. From the moment we started talking that night, it was like I had already known him. I was so comfortable with him and things just felt RIGHT. I mean, I've met guy friends who I am comfortable with, but not in the same sense. Like I wanted to be with him and I hadn't felt that way in forever. I didn't even feel the same way about the ex. I'm glad we started talking when we did and not in the past because I was still learning about myself.

In any case, Mike makes me crazy happy. And I feel like I'm whole. I can't explain it. It just feels really good :)

I'm sorry for going on a sappy roll! So enough of that, here are some pics to fill y'all in on what I've been up to....

My Birthday Night in Uptown Dallas back in July... way late I know lol


My Bffs....


Some Good Ol' Summer Fun

During the BAP Annual Meeting in Anaheim


Visiting Family in LA



Visiting my sister in Florida

Going out in Uptown

My friend Vinnie's Weekend in Dallas



Myra's Birthday


Kem's Birthday

Cowboy's Back to School Party

Tribeca (if you ever are in Uptown, GO HERE!!!!)



Sigma Chi Party

Some BAP Events

Volunteer Work

Softball Tournament

Accounting Department Chili Cook-off (Beauty & the Geek Theme right before Halloween)

BAP Ladies Volleyball Team


Inducting our new officers

Best Officer Class ever :)

Halloween Weekend

First night I was a racing girl...

We have unagi.... (remember, Ross from Friends LOL)

Second Halloween Night I was a kitty :)

I decided to take off the collar... was looking kinda dominatrix... haha

Trying to be swole like the Hulk haha

Third Halloween Night, decided to keep it chill... long weekend of partying..



Mike and I :)

The night Mike and I really met... he's not in the pic though lol

Another night at Amanda's

Isn't he cute... and he's super tall. I was in heels! I likie :)

Amazing I was even standing straight... I wasn't all there at that point in the night hehe... he's really good at beer pong.

Eating sushi... he had never tried it before.

I heart him even though he's a Patriots fan... HOW 'BOUT THEM COWBOYS!!!!!

Rockband Party






Anyways, that's all I have so far. I will try to keep y'all updated and get a video out soon. So for now, I hope y'all have a great weekend.


blue_orchid_on_the_rock said...

Wow, I would love to read about your life. It is also so nice to know that you're ok. I started a blog myself and the updates are more than rare. Due to my MSc in International Management, I am slaving my way to get a distinction.

Wish you the best (career- and lovewise),

Dao said...

Hi Stephie,

You're backkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! I'm so happy for your new life. Although I miss you and your blog, I really encourage you to pursue your education. I'm wishing you the best in everything!

Diane said...

Hey Stephie,
It's okay if you're not on as much since it's that time in our lives where we have to concentrate on what we want in life. A little blog like this from time to time is always good. So happy with you that you're content in life. Thanks for the update and yes, he's a hottie. Take care.=) You both look so cute together

spankedelic said...

glad you're happy in life. i know how you feel. i've been busy with school and just barely got done. i hadn't posted in forever. i think there are some ppl that get mad, cause they feel like you HAVE to update and talk about makeup but then there are those bloggers that UNDERSTAND that you do have a life outside of blogging. i just couldn't blog with school going on. it's hard to be in charge of all the activities for the respiratory therapy program and have to be in school ALL day and also at the hospital for clinicals! i'm glad you're happy and have found a nice guy that treats you right!

jewels said...

its great that you have your life back. its always good to take care of yourself first and actually enjoy your 20s.
good luck in school =)

Sarai said...

woo hoo your back! your post didnt not come off as being mean. your being honest and although make up is a big part of this blog community, its not our whole lives! well not most of us at least hehe. its so great to experience life without a boy involved, just friends family and priorities. but im so happy on your new guy :) he seems wonderful! just hope theres enough luck to go around for all of us hehe


Anonymous said...

wow. I'm so excited you updated :) I really enjoyed reading about your life. I know exactly how you feel, I too broke up with a longterm boyfriend and am going through similar motions :)

suzyyy ...macNC40 said...

hey girl!!! glad you posted! it definitely doesn't sound like you're bitchy or mean... i know where you're coming from!!

you look gorgeous in the pictures and you and mike are ADORABLE! loves it!


Anne @ said...

aww it's nice to see an update from you! i'm glad you're enjoying life and found a new man :). He's def a cutie ;).

anyway, good luck in your finals.

Jessica said...

I really appreciate you taking the time out to update. I really love your blog and hearing about your life and make up. I understand how hectic life can be right now because I am also accounting major. I dont even know how you did so many videos before. Just try to keep updating when you can. Do you think you can give some advice on working out? I just never know what exercises to try. Thanks.

PS-Don't let annoying readers bother you.

Adrianna said...

I'm happy that you're back! :)
And I can understand your absence, poor Stephie :*
Your Mike is cute ^^ I must try this technique "I-don't-want-a-boyfriend" so maybe somebody will appear xD Take your time Stephie and do what you really want ^^
p.s. Is there a trend of wearing those tube-dresses (I'm not sure what their name is) in the U.S.? I noticed you like them :)Anyway, you have much to show! Your working out seems to bring good effects :) Your so pretty in those halloween pictures! :)
Lots of hugs from cold Poland ;p

梅子 said...

HEY! so glad to see new post! yeah your gawgeous as always and im trying to learn from the best how to do makeup so hehe.

and i love your racecar look ness sooooo kawaii (cute).
okay see ya .
p.s. you look alot like my cousin daisy. ( dont worry she is gawgeous too! ) hehe. hope to hear from you soon! toodles~

Karrie said...

Great update.
Keep doing what you are doing and stay focused.
If you can't update your blog, it doesn't matter.
Just continue with being successful in what you are doing!

Krystle said...

Hey Stephie!

I'm glad to hear that you are doing well. I think you should ignore those that tell you to update. It's your blog, and you can do whatever you want. Mike is cute and it sounds like he makes you very happy! Yay! I hope you have a great vacation and Happy Holidays!
I think you'll like this. I have Tony Romo on my fantasy football team. And Kobe is on my fantasy basketball team too.

Anonymous said...

Girl, don't apologize for having a life. I find it funny that people make it sound as if you are obligated to post something. I say keep on enjoying yourself in the real world. I think more people should do that. That's not to say that I don't enjoy reading your blog because I do, but still.....I can't believe people are bold enough to ask those questions.

Happy Holidays,
A Reader.

le said...

missed your posts! you look gorgeous as you always do! Even if its not about make up etc.. i still read the blog! and u keep re-watching the old vids!

so happy that your in a good place in life!

TC hun!

ANGE said...

welcome back!!! :)

it's great that you are happy & well!

and i also don't just read ur blog for makeup stuff - i think it's awesome to learn more about other beauty blogger's lives - makeup is great, but there is more to life than just makeup

Preya said...

I am so glad your alive! Lol, I would love to hear about your life as well as makeup tutorials. So glad you are in a happy part of your lifeYou have alot of people who support and love you. :). Please keep us updated more often your hair looks pretty too! Have lotsa fun,and update soon. In the meantime I will be rewatching your videos learning tons of helpful tips. YOu thaught me so much, not just applying techniques, but having fun wiht colors. sounds tacky? but its true!lol.

Jennifer @ said...

aww i'm so happy for you, i missed your updates

i'm going through what you went through now it gives me hope that i can find someone better, even though i'm not looking haha

Reyna said...

Missed you Stephie!
Welcome back =]


nunu said...

Welcome back stephie, glad 2 knw ur okay :) we missed u.

Jamie said...

I like reading about your life and seeing the pics to go with it! I'm sure you gained a lot of readers through your makeup tutorials, but the reason people stick around is because of the person. Sure, your readers miss the looks you used to do, but I'm sure just as many readers simply miss you. Enjoy life--you look really happy!

xbrookex said...

Thanks for the update, not gonna lie, I've missed your videos! But wowww you ARE a busy girl, looks like you're involved in EVERYTHING. Good for you! I really enjoyed this big picture post with snip-its about your life, I would def read more stuff like this, especialy when accompanied with photos :)

GiftedLegna said...

Hey Stephie,
How sweet of you to update us. I'm glad you're doing well and I understand all too well ab tht no boys pt in life and then having an "out of this world" attraction to someone for no obvious reason. (isn't it a great feeling) Anywho, live your life sweetie....the fact that you allow "outsiders" into your world is a gift. No one should dare try to tell you you owe them anything..especially not details on your life.

2009-Live freely, laugh loudly and smile often bc tomorrow isn't promise-Nise'

Crystal Gale said...

wow stephie! I'm so happy for you..this year ended very nicely..hope you'll have a better 2009 :)

can't wait for your posts..either it is about makeup or your life.. mwah*

Anonymous said...

Never aplogoize for having a life, you're super cute and you and your new boo are adorable together, you should def keep us updated on your life even if you don't talk about makeup! lol.