Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year! *EDITED* 1/21/09

Happy New Years Eve y'all!!!!!

Mike and his roommates are throwing a party tonight, so I will be sure to update this entry later with pictures after tonight. I hope y'all have a safe and fun NYE!


P.S. I recorded a video... so I will try to get it up. I'm rusty at it so the camera was up higher than usual lol... oh well... hopefully I will get into the swing of things again!


Hey y'all!

I'm sorry it has taken me so long to update. I started my internship so I've been working 12 hour days. So far its been pretty good. Definitely a great learning experience.

I had techinical difficulties with the video, so sadly I had to scrap it :( For now I'll be updating with pictures when new things happen.

So here are some pics from New Years. I hope y'all had a great one!

Mike and I spending time with my family before the party.

My girls, Jenn & Amanda.

Just us girls.

Mike and I. Yes I try to make us match or compliment each other as much as possible :)

Girls again!

My girl Adaeze.

I was in the middle of playing Rock Band, and I just had to jump in! LOL

Mikie and I being dumbies... together :)

At a bar in Fort Worth. Dallas is more my scene, but it was fun :)

Hope all is well! I miss y'all!


Dao said...

Happy New Year to you too! May all your wishes come true in 2009!

suzyyy ...macNC40 said...

have fun at your party girl!! can't wait to see pix & your new video!


Anonymous said...



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Lesley said...

happy new year Stephie!!!! i am so glad to see u so happy with Mike and i wish u two the best in 09!! Can't wait to see u back on youtube!! :)

Simerpreet said...

Happy new years!!!
yay!! can't wait to see the videooo!!

Melody said...

omg stephie!!!! im so excited for a new VIDEO!!! YAY!!!

L said...

Happy New Year Steph! Give us more of you in 09!! XO!

Adriana said...

Happy new year! ^^ Can't wait to see your new video!

Anonymous said...

hey. its me. i dont know why i visit your blog today. its been a very long time i haven't got in. for a year i think. when i read your entries, i actually smiled and felt joy. its really a joy that i could feel inside of me. i dont know why but i feel happy when i see you are doing well and happy. i always wish the best to you and your family. i always want to see you smile.
i dont know if you read this. but for what in the past, it was a great time of my life. no one can be perfect. but i never regret that i were being with you! ^_^
p.s i went to the gymp too but hadn't seen you once? wth

Anonymous said...

and dont worry. i won't check in your blog for a long time. but next time i check, i would like you see big smile on your face ^_^

CherieamourXO said...

Hey Stephie!! Glad ur back up and running hehe :D We all missed u!! Can't wait to see more future updates from u.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're back Stephy!!

Atia said...

I really like your look in the last picture (you & your bf in the fort worth club). Can you please please do a FOTD on that look?

Anonymous said...

You and Mike are supermodel status! I'm glad to see you're enjoying life and wish you the best for 2009! :D

The Faux Fashionista said...

Hi Stephie its me! You look gorgeous and I love your blue dress! Its so cute how you complement and match each others outfits :)

Anonymous said...

You look so pretty in all your photos!

ladyish said...

your blue dress is so pretty (:
i just had to say lol