Friday, April 18, 2008

Why Hello There

I wanted to drop by and fill y'all in on what's been up recently.

First off, I do have the list of items I'll be selling, its all on my computer at home, and I need to post it.... can't say when because life has been crazy busy (I'm sure y'all are tired of me saying that, but its true).

So what have I been doing? Obviously not tutorials, or anything makeup related. For any accounting majors out there, I hope y'all can empathize with me. I'm sure any major is super hard, but since I'm in accounting, I feel like its the hardest (I know its not but you get my drift..).

People have asked me, why do I like accounting? Why not go into the cosmetology industry? The reason I haven't gotten into the cosmetology industry is that although I feel makeup is a fun art, I don't see myself being stable in that industry. I mean, look around and you'll see SOOO many artists, people with more education in the field of cosemtology and with more passion than what I have. I love doing makeup, and I would jump at the chance at working in the fashion industry as a makeup artist, but I don't have enough passion to throw away three years of business education that I've received on something I'm not 100% sure about. I feel like doing makeup is more of a stress reliever for me than my passion. And you can go out and find people with PASSION for makeup artistry, and those people, in my opinion, deserve to work for high-end labels and fashion shows. Me? I'll stick to having fun with it and making tutorials (when I have time)... like I said, its more of a stress reliever.

I like accounting because I'm an organized person. I like to work in teams, and I am business oriented... that's just how I've always been throughout my life. I like to problem solve and be challenged. Most people think accounting is just some book keeping job, sitting at a desk all day, plugging in numbers.... its true, there are accounting jobs like that. I'm interested in auditing. In audit, you work in a team for a client. Many auditors travel a lot, which is something I am really REALLY interested in. I can't really describe it too much, I'm basing all this from secondhand knowledge after speaking with various people who work for the Big 4. But from what I've heard so far, it seems like a field that I can grow professionally and personally.

So again, what have I been doing? Obviously, I've been busy with school. I'm a junior at the moment, but come next fall, I'll be a senior. So technically, I should be getting my Bachelor next spring. But I won't. Why? Because I enrolled in a five year program to get my Bachelor and Masters degree at the same time. It saves a semester of time. So instead of me being 20 (turning 21) with a Bachelors, I'll be 21 (turning 22) with both my Bachelors and Masters... I'm really excited.

Let me tell you, the further you get into your degree, the more time and effort you'll have to put into studying. Its obvious, but I always took it for granted, until now. I'm constantly studying, working, at the gym, or out having a social life (an small one at that). I figure as long as I get through college with a good GPA, I can have a nice social life later, with more money, and more freetime on my weekends that aren't dedicated to studying.

So yes, school has been keeping me busy.

On top of that, most accounting majors (especially at my university) do an internship during spring with a company. I've interviewed with all of the Big 4, and two other firms. So far I have 3 office visits for the DFW area, and one in LA, which I am super excited for. And I'm waiting to hear back from one other firm still *crossing fingers*. Its my #1 choice for my career, and I'm so nervous that I won't get a second interview. But its out of my hands now right? I really can't wait to do an internship next spring. That will really be my deciding point. I'll figure out if I really want to be an accountant or if I just wasted nearly four years of education for nothing... you know? So its been stressful.

Finals are nearing, so many projects and papers are due. And I'm taking an economics elective that I shouldn't have taken... worst class EVER! And hard too! For a damn economics elective! I hate advisors who don't know what they are talking about. There's a new advisor who I have to see, and she seriously doesn't give a rats booty about helping students... seriously.

And of course, my personal life has kept me busy. Man, do I love being single :) That isn't to say if I find the right guy I wouldn't settle down again. But since I haven't (yet), its been so much fun going out with the girls, going on dates and such.

So there's the update. I hope y'all will understand. I really do appreciate all of your support, and I'm so sorry about being gone all the time. I hate promising I'll update just because I honestly don't know when I will.... but I'll figure it out. Have a great weekend and I'll talk to y'all... SOON!


The Faux Fashionista said...

Whoa girl, Masters and Bachelors at 21???!! You make me feel like a bum. I'm 22 and I'll only be getting my bachelor's next Spring.

I totally get what you mean even though I'm not an accounting major. And I agree that its definitely worth sacrificing some social + play time for a good GPA and graduating better off than others in the field to gain competitive advantage.

Good luck getting the job, and good luck with the rest of the sem!

Mrs. Lynne, said...

Hey girl! Great to hear of you again :) I say get that school thang done girl because in the end, you'll be glad you did. And congrats to you that you'll have both and still be relatively young. I think that Accounting is a great field to get into.

Have a great weekend and good luck with everything. You'll do just fine! :)

Her.Peachieness said...

Sounds like you're doing well at school! That's amazing that you're getting both your Bachelors and your Masters in just 5 years! I've never heard of that before. So good job, Stephie! That's great that you want to become an auditor. We have those come into our office once a year and seems like they have a blast (Price Waterhouse Cooper, if you're interested). Sure beats my job. =/ And yes, the ones that I've talked to DO travel a lot (some of them even got transfered from overseas!) and they all seem to get paid well. Well, it was nice hearing from you after so long. Take it easy, missy!

Glamour Girl said...

Oh, Stephie...I miss your tutorials. But I completely understand about you being busy. Education first and foremost. I have to tell you: I look forward to when you get back in the makeup groove, girl. Because you are good at it. You are an inspiration. :)

Vanessa said...

Awww my stephie cakes! I miss you and I feel you on being so busy, and busy is a good thing! I haven't had time to even check emails nowadays and really just relax...

But I am so proud of you for following your dreams and doing something you love and realistically know will work out better in the end. I am with you where makeup is a fun hobby and it's fun to do on the side, but I love dabbling in other things too...which is why I love my real job and keep doing it despite the fact that people expect me to make makeup a full time thing.

I hope you do relocate to LA it would be so much fun to hang out!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with everything. And we miss you. Keep up with the good work.


that's great to hear you are focusing on what's more important in your life and speaking for myself, that is definitely understandable on not updating this blog. ;) the very best of luck to you! i can imagine you graduating with flying colors! :)

OLED said...

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Bliss said...

Good luck at your studies, im sure you will do well, i do feel for you and understand you as i did accounting and finance before and it was not easy. Best of Luck :D

Anonymous said...

borrrrrriiiing, bring back the makeup bitch!

Anonymous said...

hi, I'm just wondering, are you filipino or vietnamese? :)

Anonymous said...

hi, I'm just wondering, are you filipino or vietnamese? :)

Anonymous said...

wow.. good luck with everything!
these weeks i just found out about you on here and youtube, and i love your tutorials! but tbh, i think the real reason why im watching those videos is cus i simply love how you talk. you have such a cute sense of humor lol! and i wish i can handle makeup as well as you.. looking forward to new posts and videos.
xoxo Pauline
ps.not to sound like a kissass or anything lol but youre one of my top internet reads! :)

ilurvemakeup said...

GL with everything :)

jewels said...

lol my bf is currently an auditor at a big firm. its a stressful job, he pulls 10-12 hr days, he loves it still cuz you work in teams and gets to travel. but he works some saturdays and works at home sometimes there is not much of a social life of what you dream of.

Anonymous said...

where'd u go, i miss u so..seems like its been forever since u been gone..please come back home.. (makeup)

Krystle said...

You're so ambitious! Are you working towards your MBA or is it a different masters degree? Good luck on your interviews and office visits!

I miss ya, but I'm glad you have school prioritized first! (The filipino parents would be proud!)

Missvizzy07 said...

I am so glad to hear that you are doing really well in school and are accomplishing goals that some wish they could have. I wish you the best of luck and I hope you do extremely well in the accounting/auditing field. Whenever your ready to come back we'll still be here, LOL. :o)

miss kittens said...

I just read this, and now I feel silly for leaving that message on your Facebook Wall :P


But hey, you know I only harass you because I love you.

c00ki312 said...

wow bachelors and masters at once?! i dont think we can do that here in the UK bu ti totally sympathize with how much work u gotta do. Im a business major moving to marketing next semester and there is so much work. im about to take exams in accounts and economics also and i think those are the hardest so wish me luck and good luck to you!

CuttiBeBe said...

hey girl, glad you are focusing on what's really important in life. it's nice to see there are smart and beautiful girls like you who's got their head on straight.

a few word about your dream of becoming an auditor in the big 4. i used to work for a *used* to be the biggest audit firm *ahem, authur anderson*, it was a spin off since they dissolved cuz of the enron scandal. well, let's just say there isn't much social life after college, so if you could squeeze in some time to catch dinner or night out at the club once in a while with your friends, DO IT NOW. believe me, it'll be so hard to find the time to catch up with ur friends once you start working and traveling. friendships will die, but u will keep the ones that's true to you.

working in a team is nice, but for the first few years you will be doing all the pencil pushing. you probably won't get much chance to test *audit lingo* or write control matrix, but you will have to write up minutes from the meeting, draft reports and make binders. it's good exposure cuz you get to audit different firms, but traveling can be very lonely. you will basically go from your hotel to the client and back and forth. you won't have time to see the city since you'll be working from 8am - 8pm. clients don't want to pay for you to be there to visit the city, they want work done and you will want to leave by Thursday night, so 60 hours in 4 days, you do the math.
remember in audit/consulting you don't work for just one manager/senior, you will work for multiples and it's important to play the field and don't burn bridges, your billable hours and performances eval depends on these people. they like you, they put you on clients. they don't, you will be sitting in home office all day with nothing to do.

good luck with everything. you are a smart girl, just don't get too caught up with career stuff, life is too short to stress everyday. you will realize having a job or a dream job ain't what it plays up to be. i used to work 2 jobs, 1 internship and 5 classes in my senior yr, while doing interviews. but when it all comes down to it. it's just a job and it pays the bills and make up. lol.

d0rksta said...

i miss you ):

spankedelic said...

you're doing the right thing! i did hair, makeup, facials, and nails for a few years. it made realllllly good money, but i didn't feel like it was a stable career. i didn't see myself staying in my town the rest of my life and moving would only complicate things, because i would have to start all over with my clients! it's not easy to build up clients! a lot of girls come in and tell me they want to do hair and it looks like so much fun. it is fun but building up your clients is HARD. i decided to go back to school and try for nursing or the respiratory program. i am done with everything and am working on my bachelors. i will find out in a few months on whether or not i'll get into the program. our college is really competetive. i know where you're coming from on accounting! i took it in school and it's tough. you have to be so PRECISE with all the numbers. i thought it was fun and i did well in there, but you can't make any mistakes! good luck with school! can't wait to see what makeup you have for sale!

Liz said...

Good luck with your school thing! I'm new to your blog and I just wanted to tell you that your accent is addorrablle! (I'm from New York, as reference btw).

Stephie said...

thanks so much for all the support everyone! i really do appreciate it. i actually wore eyeshadow today, nothing fancy though. i have to take a pic of it before it gets all messed up.

cuttiebebe: omg you worked for anderson? lol that's funny. thanks for the heads up. call me naive but i am excited to get real passionate over a career. the way i see it, the more attention i put on my career or friends or family, the less it goes on boys lol.

misskittens: i know, i love you too!

dorksta: i miss you girl. we both need to start going like we used to!

Stephie said...

thanks so much for all the support everyone! i really do appreciate it. i actually wore eyeshadow today, nothing fancy though. i have to take a pic of it before it gets all messed up.

cuttiebebe: omg you worked for anderson? lol that's funny. thanks for the heads up. call me naive but i am excited to get real passionate over a career. the way i see it, the more attention i put on my career or friends or family, the less it goes on boys lol.

misskittens: i know, i love you too!

dorksta: i miss you girl. we both need to start going like we used to!

Stephie said...

thanks so much for all the support everyone! i really do appreciate it. i actually wore eyeshadow today, nothing fancy though. i have to take a pic of it before it gets all messed up.

cuttiebebe: omg you worked for anderson? lol that's funny. thanks for the heads up. call me naive but i am excited to get real passionate over a career. the way i see it, the more attention i put on my career or friends or family, the less it goes on boys lol.

misskittens: i know, i love you too!

dorksta: i miss you girl. we both need to start going like we used to!

Little Orange said...


Good for you! I'm glad to know that you have an excellent head on your shoulders! And honestly, who is to say that in the future you could end up becoming a controller for a major cosmetics company - and get loads of cosmetics for free.

I think you are a great role model. Keep your head up girl - your aren't full of sh*t. I'm glad that you have integrity in your artistic, academic, professional career. Good luck with your endeavors!

jusl said...

missed your blogs..

i admire that your so determined in what you want in life.. and brave to tackle bachelors and masters...

ok i'm from the uk.. is masters = doctors degree.. as in a PhD???
most people after bachelors dont have the drive to study after that!

i had the same theory as you when i was studying for my degree.. but i now really regret not partying as much as i could have. i would have had so much more fun.

but anyways good luck with studies... and remember to have fun too to balance it out! the hard work will pay off one day!!

Anonymous said...

I forgot, good luck on all your tests, and I wish you the best luck!
You'll do great! :D

Keep doing what you're doing.
&You're a definite inspiration! :)

All that hard work will pay off.

And, since you're video, I've been trying to do my make-up the Mod Doll Look :)

Anonymous said...

i am so proud of you and i'm a tad motivated!

Anonymous said...

girl, dont give up on your makeup. it will come back to haunt you later. kidding... just because life is tough doesnt mean you have to just give up.

you look fab with less makeup. good idea to sell those blues, greens and all the crazy colors which you dont really need. you're right on that one.

goodluck to you. im sure you'll be very successful. you're so young yet full of promise.

stay focused. cant wait for your next tutorial. please do a natural, no makeup, very pretty look ( this will suit you very well ).

ciao bella.

allyson said...

Anon:A masters in the US isn't a phd. It's exactly the same as it is here in the UK. A masters is a one to two years course taken after an undergraduate course. It is kid of a step between a bachelors and a phd.

Stephie: I miss your videos!

-marisa- said...

Hi there Steph!
I LOVE your tutorials. You look amazing in all of them! I just haven't gotten around to commenting you. I hope I don't sound stalker-ish to you! EEK. LOL.

I was just wondering, did you dye your own hair when you decided to change it to dark brown? If you did, would you mind telling me what you used? I dyed my hair like that recently with Revlon's Colorsilk in Medium Rich Brown. I got the same result, but it's already starting to fade. So basically, I'm looking for something that's the same color without the fast fading. Thankss!

Kimberly said...

Your school has the PPA program too? I just got accepted into that and I am a little scared because my friends said that it's easy to get in but it looks bad if you can't go through with it. I graduated HS early but since I wasn't sure what I wanted to major in, I spent a year taking too many science & math courses instead of the courses I need for business so I will basically graduate with the class that I would've graduated with had I not finished high school early. :/

Eek, economics.. I'm taking microeconomics right now as a summer course so I can file my degree plan. I never liked economics but this class is easy because I'm taking it at a community college.

lol, this is the first comment I've made on a beauty blog that was NOT about makeup..