Saturday, January 26, 2008

Out With the Old, In With the New

Howdy howdy! How are y'alls weekend going? Ok, I just sounded 100% country.... oh well :D

So this past week, I've pretty much tried to recreate looks that I've done in the past, but pairing it with my new hair color. I'm still undecided as to its future, I know for a fact that I'll wait a week or so before I try to dye it. Y'all won't want to see a balding Stephie.... I'll end up wearing wigs :)But while I have it, why not flaunt it (or attempt to)? Here we go, a few FOTDs to hopefully tide y'all over.

Before I launch into pics, I need some help, skincare-wise. For some reason, my forehead has just NOT stopped breaking out since finals, which was in December. Its been over a month and my breakouts still have stopped. I'm not sure what its coming from, maybe continued stress or something... but I also know that since December, I was trying out that Zapzyt cream, and after I got my eyebrows waxed, I would break out. It would start to clear up then I'd get my brows done again, and my skin would go psycho on me. Perhaps my skin near my brows are more sensitive to the waxing after having used the cream? That sucks because I like to wax my brows instead of pluck them. Anywho, any advice on clearing the skin up? I stopped using the Zapzyt and started using some Clinique Acne Gel stuff that seems to work. I'm just afraid that after I get waxed, I'll break out. Maybe I should stop using acne creams/gels? Advice would be appreciated.

Another Try At Sultry Green

Please refer to this post for the list of items and comparison of my dark hair...

N Collection

Studio Fix Fluid NC30 - (187)
Studio Finish Concealer NC20 - (ring finger)
Armani Micro-fil Powder - (150)
Sculpt/Accentuate Duo - brown for contouring, lighter color for highlight (138)
Light Flush MSF - apples of cheeks (188)

Remotely Grey e/s - crease (224)
Rich Flesh e/s - outer v (224)
Modest Tone e/s - highlight (227)
Point Black Liquidlast Liner - upper lashline (SO hard for me to use LOL)
Graphblack Technakohl Liner - waterline
Shiseido Mascara Base
Shiseido Lifting Mascara
Porcelaine/Browning Brow Shader (266)

3N Lipstick


Studio Fix Fluid
Studio Finish Concealer
Armani Powder
Warmed MSF - apples and blended out (188)

Engraved Powerpoint Pencil - upper lashline
Graphblack Technakohl Liner - waterline
Carbon e/s - smudged over lashline and waterline (219)
Shiseido Mascara Base
Shiseido Lifting Mascara
Porcelaine/Browning Brow Shader - (266)

Smith's Strawberry Lip Balm

I think my hair looks better wavy/curled with this color.. what do y'all think?

I'm inspired now to do another tut video... I'm not sure what to do though since its been so long. Anyways, when I wake up in the AM, I'll do a look, so give me some ideas, and I'll do one :) Good night and have a great rest of your weekend!

Peace <3



honestly, your hair doesn't look half bad. it does look beautiful curled though. it's always nice to try something new :)

as for your breakouts, try proactiv. i heard it didn't work for some people, but it did for me. i'm still using it & i love it. they have the trial size for like $19.99 & if it works for you, you can always get the full sized products. HTH :)

amanda said...

hey stephie, i think both dark and light look good on you. and i def think that your lighter hair looks better curled as well!

i think you should do an orange tut like with your off the radar pigment. i remember you doing a FOTD with it a while back and i loved it. though you might think thats too much orange with your hair. you could do the sprite eyes i really loved that too!

i'd also like to see pictures of your recent hauls if you could and your must haves! =)

mayaari said...

curly/wavy hair does look pretty nice with the new hair color :)

it does sound like your skin has gotten a little sensitive now...whenever I get a breakout, I use Burt's Bees Herbal Blemish stick - it smells like licorice, but it seems to work, though it leaves a red spot from all the alcohol and oils in it, so I only use it at night. I also use Neutrogena Acne Stress Control 3 in 1 treatment. my skin actually started responding better when I stopped using acne products with benzoyl peroxide - maybe that could help you?

Anonymous said...

Hey Stephie!

I've been a reader for a little while now and I really like your site. May be you could try Noxzema--Triple Clean Astringent. It comes in a blue bottle with an orange top. It worked wonders for me. I use to have small bumps on my forehead but now I am all clear. I am not sure if you can find it where you live because I live in Vancouver, Canada. It is available at certain drugstores. I think your hair color kind of washes your skin color out..or is it different/thicker foundation? I do think that your hair looks better curled. GL!

Elana said...

What a great hair colour! I think it was so perfect that you started out the post with all the "y'all"s because something about that colour is so southern and feisty! ^_^

I agree, the colour suits wavy hair better than straight.

My only complaint is selfish: the new colour is a very eye-catching background to your makeup! It affects the way your makeup colours appear to my eyes! ^_^

I wish I had some skincare advice but I don't know a lot about the subject. My only suggestions are maybe to try a different wax formulation? Switch to threading? Or maybe get a nice exfoliating facial to do a little "reset" on your skin? I was having breakout problems recently and got an Aveda resurfacing treatment and right now I've been totally abusing my skin with no consequences ^_^

Thanks for writing such a great blog! I always get excited when you post new stuff!

Brooke said...

I am totally still waiting on that Peppermint tutorial :)

sweet tartx said...

I think the curls do match your new hair better than just straight hair. Or maybe you could do other hair do's that involve a lot of voluming.

love your FOTD's & everything (:

cinderellie said...

stephie! you look gorgeous in all ur pix! i just wanted to tell you that i too used to seriously get a ton of pimples on my forehead right after getting my eyebrows waxed. i went into sephora and i asked one of the girls and she said she was an aestetician and that the reason i get pimples is because the wax my lady used was too hot (which was true) and that it might have also been the type of cream that she used to soothe my skin & help remove the wax (it was greasy and oily). so she told me that as soon as i get my eyebrows waxed, i should go home and wash my face and then use Anastasia After Tweeze Creme. i bought that cream and did exactly as she said and i havent broken out after waxing again! also, for pimples, Bye Bye Blemish works really well. it is sulfur and salicylic acid so it really dries out pimples quickly. i hope this helps, sorry about the long comment! :)

mei said...

i love you, stephie. you look great as always. i would be soo happy to see some new tutorials from you. it doesn't matter what look you do cuz i always learn something new from your vids. hope school is going well!

Anonymous said...

i heart your new hair color with some waves. you look so pweeety!!!!!! then again, it sorta remind me of your previous hair colour.

btw...was your old hair color your natural hair color?? if so, thats really cool!

Anywho, I think you should keep the hair. I think it looks uber good on you!


Hey Stephie,
Has the weather been cooler or dryer? Sometimes my skin would breakout if my skin care reg. was too harsh for the weather. I bet if you chilled on the toner and zit creams your skin would even out. It also sounds like an allergy but it would be odd for you to develop it all of a sudden like that.
You makeup looks still look good with the new color and like you,
I like the color more in the wavy/ curly pics. I also love the blue cardigan you have on. It is too cute <3

Simply said...

I used to break out too after waxing, and I hated plucking because it takes so long and just..isn't great. I suggest getting them threaded. It's much more accurate than waxing, much cleaner.

I'm still leaning towards the dark hair but you're right, it looks much better curled/wavy.

Love the Sultry Green look!

Anonymous said...


i hate that " SUN hit the top of ur head colour "

For pimples have you tired the asprin masking it?
i loveeeee Asprin for the face hahahhaaa

Also sometimes when i have bad skin i go to steam rooms i think it helps clean out all my pours and its relaxing
I go indoor tanning peace


I'm starting to really like the new color now. I agree though, I like it better when it's wavy/curled vs. straight. You can still rock it though! :)

As for the tut, I can't wait!

karen said...

hey stephie! i love your makeup tutorials! anyway, i agree with you on the fact that wavy hair with that color is best. i think with a lighter hair color, you can play around with more bright colors

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephie!

I wasn't so sure about your new hair colour when you first dyed it but now after seeing these new pics I think it looks awesome!! U look so pretty with this colour :)

Maybe you could do a N collection tutorial with a darker eye and paler lip?


Distinque said...

Hi ading. Yah do another tutorial. I missed those:( As for your skin advice, I think you should not use the cream as often. Like maybe every other day and do spot treatment. I have acne also and not many people want to wax my brows because of it (i might scab, cuz my skin is thin and yes it's happened before)so i asked them to use a gentle wax for sensitive skin and if that's not available for them to put some oil on my brows so my skin wouldn't be as irritated. Benefit also as a facial wash that's great...WHOOSH, $22..hope that helps

Anne said...

still think the dark colored hair looked better on you.

i actually did a review on the clinique acne spot treatment gel. for me at least it works. i havent really had problems with breakouts lately after using a gentle cleanser like philosophy purity to clean the gunk on my face and then follow it with toner to really clean any residues. but then again i'm not sure what kind of skin you have. maybe it's from waxing. my cousin is like that too... she has like tiny pimples where she got waxed. maybe its your foundation too??? or maybe because you haven't been getting enough sleep? or it's alcohol? i also have a friend who gets pimples when she drinks. yea it sounds weird but it's true. hopefully your dilemma will be soon fixed.

alien man?! said...

Your new hair color seems to be working out nicely :) As for your breakouts, try going with a different foundation for a while. I have heard Studio Fix promotes breakouts and, until your skin heals, you might want to go with something light and noncomodogenic. My skin breaks out after intense hair removal, too. Fellow beauty bloggers have suggested giving your skin a good steaming just before plucking or waxing, or doing the hair removal right after you get out of the shower.
Acne or no acne, you're still stunningly gorgeous :) Good to see you're alive and well :D

MissVizzy07 said...

Hey stephie! Great photos! I'm loving the hair actually. As for your acne...I'd stop using the new product...the zapyt and continue using the clinique product that seems to actually work and not react to you breaking out. Now I have the same problem when it comes to waxing my brows, I tend to break out...but what I find works best is that when they finish waxing my brows, before they put the oil or whatever they use to clean it up, I walk away (pay them ect.) go to a nearby restroom and use a quick alcohol swap and run it over my brows then take some neosporin and apply it to my brows. Now yeah, it'll look a little greasy, but its the only thing that works for me. The reason why you break out from the wax is either because your allergic to it or whenever they pluck your brows, you dont protect your pores that are wide open now because of the waxing...and the neosporin does just that...its a barrier for your pores so no baterica etc. is able to get inside which causes breakouts! :o)

On to the idea of a tutorial, I think a great tutorial would be showing a look you would wear out on a first date!

Well thanks again for having this blog, you are soo helpful! keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

looks great! i think better curled, u look more sophisticated, but straight looks good too =)

Anonymous said...

i've had the exactly same problem but instead of clinique's acne solution only, i switched everything else to clinique.

they work so far.

Princess*Sparkle said...

hi steph, i think u look better with the curls in this colour, new colour makes u look more mature too (mayb that jus me? lol) as for new tuts can u show us how you did ur New Yrs Eve look- i loved it! or one of the bridal looks mayb- with peachy colours- sumink for an everyday look too? thanx <3

nanzy said...

hi Steph : ) this is my first time commenting on your blog but i've been watching your vid in youtube alot, i love your color picks & technique!

first of all i wanna say i like you better with darker hair colour but you rock the strawberry brunette pretty good, and i must agree it looks better when it's wavy. kinda remind me of Jessica Alba's hair ; ) hehehe

and about the breaking out, it's hard to say really, coz it works differently on everyone, ya know? personally i'm trying AcneFree at the mo', u can buy one kit @ Costco or Walgreens, AcneFree is a generic version of Proactive and i honestly never tried Proactive before but AcneFree seemed to balance my oil on the face and dry it up nicely.

For the acne I've been using Neutrogena On-The-Spot, it's awesome. One important thing tho, try to use find product with Benzoyl Peroxide (2.5% max, coz higher percentage is not necessary) to dry up blemishes.

that, or Cetaphil cleanser & moisturizer : ) heard a lot of rave about them.

hope that helps!

oh i was just wondering if you've heard about L'oreal HIP pigments coz i just bought one of them and it's similar with MAC's.


essie said...

I think you should do a tut for the baby blue you got up in's gorgeous!!! :)

Linda said...

your hair is really starting to grow on me. it looks super cute when curled. it reminds me of those japanese celebs or girls on the magazines.

Glamour Girl said...

Stephie, I adore this color on you. It is bright, and some might find themselves noticing the hair more than the makeup, but that just means you get to have more fun playing with colors, in my opinion. Change is good. Make it work for you, girl.

Helen said...

hey Stephie ! curls does make the color stand out more and eye catching. But the darker color is better =]

for the pimples things, you can try the asprin mask. what you do is take 3 asprin, place them on a lil plate, sprinkle it with water until it dissolve a bit and then add 2-3 drops of honey and mix it. It suppose to come out more grainy then watery. After ur done with that just dab it on ur face and set it there. Do not massage it yet, just apply it on ur face, wait 5-10 mins and rinse,thats when u can start massaging/exfoliating =]

You can also try the apply cider vinegar toner! you take some apple cider vinegar and dilute it with water and put it on ur face as a toner. make sure theres more ACV than water. i know its going to stink but it work wonders for many ppl !

I hope those help you a bit, they are all home remedies !<3

just bubbly said...

I think it's fun to experiment but I loved your darker hair. It made your face brighter for some reason...
The lighter color kinda washes you out. I am just being honest because I love my hair and would def. want someone to tell me.
As always, your make-up rocks! Oh, and try Clean and Clar On the Spot pimple control! It works for me but use it in the night or if you are home all day cause it leaves a residue.

JJ said...

Hey Stephie, I agree with Cinderellie on the WAX.

& I agree with everyone else on your hair color with curls. But still, I like you're hair much better when it was darker :)

Anonymous said...

i think you look beautiful with light & dark hair. you rock both really well ;D
as for your skin question ... if you think it might be the wax, i suggest you try threading. it's completely different from waxing but works better [in my opinion]
can't wait to see more tutorials!

Anonymous said...

Can you get hold of Alpha H Skincare in your country?
They are an Austrailian brand and they make glycolic based product to clear up acne and mild breakouts.

The Liquid Gold and Liquid Harmony glycolic toners are amazing.

Mario Badescu makes a glycolic toner too but I haven't tried that one.

Try using a gentle non stripping cleanser too like Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser in dry/sensitive so it doesen't strip you skin.

I usually get breakouts all the time but I finally have them under control and I put it down to those products alone.

Anonymous said...

i love your hair and your videos.
but i just want to point out if you haven't already noticed that you're balding on the left side of your head. maybe try changing your hairline?

Anonymous said...

You're rocking the hair color but your foundation looks off. Two shades too light. You know what would look really cute on you - a nice shade of chocolate with low lights and high lights (going lighter near your face and underneath your hair). The light color makes you look for a lack of a better term pale and sick. Next time go to a salon and let the professional do it. You deserve it. Nice hair to accompany a lovely face. But no matter what you're still a pretty girl inside and out.

Anonymous said...

hey girll <3
try threading your eyebrows instead of waxing, its alot more gentler on the skin.
&& for acne i use this clear acne on the spot treatment from clean&clear, it works really well
:) good luck w/everything!

The Faux Fashionista said...

You look so hot with your hair curled! Definitely agree that the color looks better on curly hair, but it isn't bad on straight either ;)

Vantisay01 said...

Hi Stephie, I love your blog. I think you still look lovely w/ the new color--esp w/ curled hair. Don't fret if you don't like the color too much. An easy solution can be to add some dark highlights/lowlights, whatever you wanna call them into your hair. It'll give your hair some dimension and u don't have to worry about all your hair falling out. Hope that helps. With the acne, maybe stay away from zapzyt...i found that benzoyl peroxide tends to make my zits bigger and nastier. I think it works well on whiteheads for drying it out, but not on zits. If clinique is working, use that and don't use the MAC Microfine Refinisher so often--maybe once or twice a week max, as it can cause irritation and flare ups. As a dermotologist will tell you, the less you mess with your skin, the better. Anywho...keep up the good work. Oh, on a tut idea, I agree w/ Missvizzy07's suggestion about doing a first date tutorial--not just on makeup but on outfit as well. I noticed you also have great clothes! :) I'd love to see more of it =)

Anonymous said...

for your acne:
you should try the top-gel MCA extra pearl cream. here's anna's link about it here:
i use it and it works!

Anonymous said...

i think your new hair is great- you can wear a lot more colorful looks- like what xsparkage does on youtube. she's got bright red hair and can wear all sorts of bright colors. have fun!

Anonymous said...

Hey, some advice for you since i love your blog. I think you should try threading your eyebrows instead of waxing. I think the wax tends to clog up your pores even if you do clean up really well after. In terms of something to put onto your pimples...I find that Clearasil Ace control vanishing acne cream works VERY WELL. I'm a girl who use to always have acne, and out of everything i tried, this one is the best. It has skin conditioners and sulphur (might smell a lil). You can find it at any drug stores and it's like 6 bux. Give it a try =) Good luck

Anonymous said...

do you still curl your hair the same way as you did in your hair curling tutorial? it's just that your curls have been looking even better lately and i'm wondering if you're doing anything different. maybe you're just getting better at it! haha. i'd definitely want to see a hair curling tut from you if it's any different from the one you've already made!

Anonymous said...

where'd you get your teal cardigan?? it's sooo cute!!

Anonymous said...

your hair looks pretty good now, but i think you looked nicer with darker hair. The contrast between you skin and the dark hair was very nice. Really pretty and doll-like.could you pls do a tutorial with moonflower or big t.i have both and love them, but whenever i wear them, they never seem quite right.

Anonymous said...

I like the hair on your skin, but it doesn't work well with your eyebrows. Even still, you are incredibly gorgeous. I just always notice brows because i have naturally dark brown brows, and naturally blonde hair.

But for your skin, i really suggest Clnique Acne Solutions, it saved my skin. However, if you have dry skin i'd use a second moisterizer in addition to the set. I still get a few zits from time to time, but it took about a week and half and my skin was totally clear with no damage whatsoever. And thats coming off of a breakout that was so bad i couldn't wear makeup at all. I really suggest it, i totally owe my skin to it. Good luck!

mandilicious said...

it looks better curled!

by the way, i'm linking you on my blogspot..:) thanks!

MrsDiaz said...

Have you ever tried getting your eyebrows threaded? I used to always wax as well, but then when I found out about threading I fell in love with it and never have gone back to waxing. It costs around $10 to get done. I've never broke out from threading as well.

BTW, your hair looks so cute on you!

Anna said...

Hey Stephie. I too used Zapzyt..but it didn't work at all on me. I suggest using another BP product or maybe SA. Also, it may be the makeup you are wearing because makeup clogs pores..good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephie,
I agree w/ everyone above, your hair looks lovely curled! For your acne, is it only on your forehead? maybe you can try proactive, but if nothing of those work, you might want to take an antibiotic like clindamycin or some antibiotic cream, those will be the best solution. i'm excited to see your next vid!

Anonymous said...

i agree with you, your new color looks alot cuter with waves or curls in it. Basically with some kind of shape to it, even up in a curled pony it'd look good.

I dont see how haircolor effects the way your makeup looks but maybe thats just me? :/ anyways i think you should get lowlights(i think highlights but that frame the front of your face) & lighten your brows up a bit, either by lighting them chemically(er i wouldnt if i were you bc you seem like you may want to change it in the future so why deal with that right?) or maybe with an eyebrow powder or cream thats a bit lighter brown. hope i helped, sorry i don't know what to say about your skin except the same thing happens to me, after i get my brows waxed around that area my skin gets more pimples then usual. hopefully you find a solution hun. :D

heynets said...

waxing used to give me breakouts above my eyebrow cuz i guess the wax + the soothing cream they put didn't react well with my face stuff...

i'm sure someone already said this but...try threading, it's cleaner, better for skin, and it lasts waaaay longer. plus i find that the hair grows back finer and the shape looks a lot better and more natural that when it's waxed. =)

Anonymous said...

I like your hair better straight, lol. I think I'm the only one. xD

I would suggest threading for your eyebrows because when I went to my derma she told me not to wax my eyebrows.

I can't really give you advice on the breakouts because your skin is considerably clear, and I can't recommend what I'm using since it's prescription, lol. Umm, something with benzoyl peroxide, perhaps?

reecespieces said...

im gonna be quite honest stephie.. im filipino too and i have the same skin tone.. i once died my hair that color and i hated it! i mean it doesnt look horrible but it makes u look washed out.. my advice would be to go over your hair with a DEMI-permanent hair color or gloss to darken it just maybe one shade darker.. or add a bunch of lowlights (opposite of highlights)!

The Stylist said...

You should do a tut on the hair pouf cus my hair poufs never turn out as good as yours

Anonymous said...

The thing they use to clean your face before waxing makes your skin clog up with oil. Wash your face as soon as you get your eyebrows waxed or just wipe it with a wet paper towel.

jewels said...

keep the hair.

about your breakouts: prob u r allergic to the type of wax they use.

Stephie said...

thanks everyone for your advice! i used to use proactive, but i didn't really see much of a difference. maybe i'll give it another shot since i actually need it for my forehead :(

i decided on my new years eve look as the tutorial, which i'll be posting soon, just need to edit :)

sorry i can't answer all of your comments individually. dang i've been getting crazy amounts of comments!!! but i don't mind :) just be patient cuz i'll look over the comments again to answer more questions... either i answer the comments or edit the video and i think most of y'all would rather me edit :D

anonymous 1/27/08 1:55 - nope i've been doing it the same as in the wavy video except that i wrap the hair tighter around the barrel and i don't run my fingers through the curls to loosen them... that's pretty much the difference. thanks though, i do think i'm getting better :)

anonymous 1/27/07 1:56 - i bought that cardigan at gadzooks but its the forever 21 brand.

Anonymous said...

Hey Stephie, I think the new hair colour looks great on you although I still prefer the darker hair better on you. Maybe it's just me, but I think it's too light.. hmm. I do think that it looks amazing curled though :)
Stay beautiful as always!

CuttiBeBe said...

Not sure if your pimples are those underground volcano pimples, or white head ones. I always pop them and put really strong astringen on it, like the cleaning pads from clearasil, the blood will turn blue. it's gross, but 2 days it will be gone. if the pimple's pop, i put tea tree oil from the body shop over night. zeno works for those underground pimples. but it's like $200.

i like the hair curly, it's one of those hollywood glam feeling. and it shows off the color better. one thing though.. your cow lick, or the side sweep, it's soooo deep.. it looks like the other side of the head it baldin'... it'd be fine if it doesn't bother you.. but i just have this fear of balding... that's just me..

i think your face needs more color. you look really pale in most of the recent pix.. more bronzer or blush? the color in your hair takes away the lifeness in your face, so i think it should be a bit darker just so you don't get washed out.

that's all for my two cents. you still look pretty as hell.. i'm so jealous with your face features..

Anonymous said...

try using murad's acne spot treatment, its been the most effective and trust me, ive tried them all.

sweechen said...

hey yo! I think you look good in dark color hair!! since this color will be looking dirty when it fade. can you do a video tutorial for the N collection? thank you. :)

irene said...

break-out problem solution is: SLEEP. I know exactly what you're talking about and I've been through it myself being a college student.

Good luck!

ps. i wrote something longer but i think it got deleted. oh well..

bliss82 said...

Hiya i love when you curl your hair much better then when its straight, heheh i love the colour. Ps can i link you thanks :).

Anonymous said...

everytime i waxed my eyebrows i broke out as well, as recently as 6 weeks ago, so i've now resorted to plucking my own brows. since you are not too crazy about plucking them, try threading....

for the breakouts, i've been using neutrogena, and it seems to be working so maybe you can give it a try...

mich said...

Hey Stephie! Glad to see you're thinking of doing vid tutorials again, I miss them :) As for the zits, what I do is use 2.5% BP all over problem areas twice a day. It's more like prevention rather than a spot treatment. I got the idea from and it seems to be working for me.

I have to agree your hair looks better curled now. Also maybe think about switching your brow powder shade to something more reddish?

mich said...

Oh, I think I've figured out why the hair shade looks worse when it's not curled ... it doesn't have dimension. I've seen it happen to friends who go too light using home-colouring kits. I would go to a salon and get some lowlights if it's not too costly?

x2004awa said...

Hey, I had had some issues with breakouts and I had totally misjudged my skin type. I was over-treating the problem. Once i started using a gentle cleanser and an eye MU remover at night, then moisturizing, things started to balance out. In the mornings i just wash my face with water and moisturize again. Exfoliating too much also did it. Now i do it about 2 times a week with a gentle scrub, when i need it.

As for your hair, it doesn't look bad but i think you'd look great in a black with blue undertones.

NeverLoseFaith said...

Hey stephie,
I don't think anyone's mentioned it, but I use the garden tomato toner by burt's bees. It was formulated "for troubled skin" and it actually works really well! It's not completely drying, but you should use a good moisturizer anyway :)

Sophany said...

Hey Stephie! I love all your tutorial videos on youtube. Very helpful for me since I'm a newbie in colors. Thanks girly! =) About your problems with breaking out and what not, my suggestion would be maybe you should change up on what you used daily as a face cleanser and such. I use Clarins. For me, their products is absolutely amazing. The cleanser I use have this milky texture thats feels refreshing on your face. I love it! The toner is awesome as well as the moisturizer. You should definitely try it out! They do have a blemish product however, I've never used it before. I used Differin gel for my blemish problems, which work instantly! Well if you have any question about it hit me up!

mars said...

Hi Stephie, I love you new looks great and the color is also good for the coming spring and summer season..anyway, for the pimple thingi, Ive been using neurogena on the spot treatment and it seems to be working well for me..mayb you would want to give it a shot?? Looking forward to your new videos =)!!!

che said...

hi stephie, im a long time reader, first time commenter :) i think you're hair looks pretty good, very jpop and that's not a bad thing! i actually did this with my hair last spring but when it started growing out i decided not to maintain it. as for the breakouts, i think when you wax your brows it strips a layer of skin off that may open up the pores to more breakouts... or something like that :) i used to experience that too, but ive converted to getting my brows threaded. its much cleaner, precise, and less irritating on my sensitive skin. maybe also try doing an aspirin mask a couple times a week? just be sure to moisturize because it's drying! anyway, keep up the good work :)

Lauren said...

Hmm... Salicylic acid won't do anything for inflamed pimples, and you've already tried Benzoyl Peroxide, so maybe your skin would react better to an antibiotic? I don't know if you want to try that, but Clindamycin 1% lotion got rid of my acne 100%. I've also heard that Derma E's Clear Skin line and Carley's Clear & Smooth Skin Treatment are both effective, all-natural alternatives, as long as you're not allergic to any of the ingredients.

All the best!

Stephie said...

thanks y'all for even more advice :) i will definitely check out that aspirin mask. i've been meaning to try it out after seeing ricebunny's videos on it, i just never got around to it. but now i have a good reason right? :)

the clinique gel stuff has the salicylic acid in it, and apparently my skin doesn't like benzoyl peroxide.... so i've decided to just not use either product until my skin clears up. my skin seems to dislike those types of acids and whatnot. i may have just compounded the problem by using them so i will see how it goes, not using the gels and creams and trying out the aspirin mask. i'll let y'all know how that goes.

i'm prolly going to get my hair styled pretty soon, so hopefully that will give my hair more volume and dimension. i've decided to dye my hair again to try and get it to the color i wanted, light brown. but i'll wait another week to let my hair recuperate.

anywho, i recoreded another video today :) so that makes two to finish up.... patience y'all i know i'm being a tease, but patience! :D anyways i better get to class. have a great day y'all!

Mandy said...

hey stephie! i had the same problem with the whole breaking out around the forehead and eyebrows. i always got my eyebrows waxed and i would notice that i would breakout a lot after getting them done. i think its because the hot wax that they are putting on your skin makes you break out. so i stopped getting them waxed and got them threaded instead. and since then i haven't been breaking out! so try going to Ziba or any places that does eyebrow threading and its less painful then waxing and pretty much the same price $8. hope this will work for you! =)

cta808 said...

hey stephie i think with all your break outs has to do with stress thats ecxacly how i am and every time i tend to stress a lot about things i break out just near my eyebrows and i think the creams your using ur probaly irratating ur skin.
For one thing Proactive is sumthing i dont RECAMEND it can be VERY HARSH to your skin plus after using it it will STRIP your skin and sumtimes make u BRAKE out in a RASH both those things happend to my freinds that had sensitive skinand from already u usin gthose creams and it still cums back i wouldnt touch that stuff
i think the best thing for you to do is see a dermatologist so that he can give u cream that is only right for your skin that way you knoe ur safe and wont have to worry about breaking out again
that was the first thing i did and it HELPED A LOT

Elizabeth said...

welcome back! Keep posting t hose videos of yours!

Katie said...

You look very good in light color and in darker. I prefer on you darker, but light is nice too. You look cute in everything;)
I love your tutorials and I can't come by when you put something new. I'm very interested in your cosmetics collection.
Could you make pics of your all collection? It would be nice;)

xoshellie said...

hey sweetie! i love your hair color esp when you curl it, it's gorgeous! i can't wait for your tuts =)

Alice Gauthier said...

You're so beautiful ! Great make-up ! I won't say anymore because I don't speak english...

Webgrl said...

with either of ur colors i like the curled/wavy look u inspired me to put down the flat iron for a while and i'm loving the result. As for the skin. I've had crazy skin pretty much all my life and i used it all u name it. I broke out on my BACK of all places last oct and went to the skin dr. He gave me some medicine and told me to use cetaphil soap. The regular bar. I got curious about it after googling it and tried the soap on my face. I kept using it and my skin suddenly stopped freaking out. which it has NEVER done. So i pared down and now all i use is clinique moisturiser and the cetaphil soap no toner no astringent no acne gels and i finally have flawless skin. Maybe less might be more for you too? Try it for about 1.5 months to 2 months see if less might help. Also, i went back to my original skincare routine for a week to test...omg...gross out! breakouts crazy so i went back to cetaphil and its great again!
sorry this is so long - ur hair. maybe if u want u can try lowlighting it with a brown dye and a cap or something :)

Webgrl said...

oh i saw someone recommended proactiv. Its worth a shot it worked for me when i was younger but now it doesn't for some weird reason.

vintagebluesky said...

I like your hair curly!

and as for the breakouts, I use this stuff called "Fresh Farmacy" from LUSH. it works really good for me. + if you ever go there you see all their amazing products and bath bombs! may help you relax and stop being so stressed, : ).