Saturday, December 8, 2007

Reader Submitted Looks Week #2

For those whose emails I haven't replied to... I'm really sorry! I will get to them all (all 100+ YIKES) after finals, if I have to stay up all night to reply. I hate being behind in anything, but I just haven't had the time to reply to each question/request... but I will, I'm not ignoring y'all! Loves y'all to pieces ;)

Hello Y'all! Here's me procrastinating.... well that's not really the truth since I was in the library since this morning until 6 PM studying for my finals. I have my Business Law final at 8AM Monday, then Marketing at 11AM. My next two exams are on Thursday. Finance at 8AM, and Accounting at 11AM. I got someone to cover for me tomorrow night so I only have to work until 3PM... I can't wait to get this semester over and done with. I think I have "settled into" my new university pretty well now.

As a quick update, I did record a video yesterday. Finally another tut! This ones is over my emerald eyes look using the 6th Sin Metal-X shadow from a week or so back. I tried to talk throughout it, as per request by numerous viewers, but I don't know if I'm going to be able to squish it all in. So if y'all see me moving my mouth during the music, you'll know why lol :) I have to edit it, which may take a few days since I won't be able to sit down and do it right off the bat. But thought I'd let y'all know :)

Anyways, onto the main reason for this post. I was thinking to myself that I was forgetting something today.... and I realized I need to do another reader submitted looks! Mainly as a way to give back to all of y'all who read my blog and support me :) Lovesss y'all! And there are so many amazing ladies/gents out there, y'all inspire me. So here we go...


Trammie sent me her look using the Pandamonium Quad. I love her brows, and the application of the colors is just HOT! I tend to make my looks with the Pandamonium Quad smokey, but now I'm inspired to try this out! Thanks for the inspiration Trammie love :) Oh and I LOVE how your cheeks glow!

What She Used

Select Tint SPF 15
New Vegas MSF
Gold Spill MSF

MAC Pandamonium Quad
MAC Boot Black Liquid Liner
Estee Lauder Primer & Mascara

MAC Masque Lipstick


Emily sent in her Stars N Rockets look. I love it! I actually don't own Stars N Rockets. I want to get it just because of this! Gosh Emily, my budget is angry with you now ;) JK love :D I like the way you winged the shadow out as well. This look definitely will catch a person's attention, so you go girl! Don't break too many hearts out there ^_^

What She Used

MAC Thunder e/s - all over lid
MAC Cloudburst e/s - outer lid
MAC Stars N Rockets e/s - crease
MAC Retrospeck e/s - highlight


Aiman sent me her take on the Smokey Green look. And I do think it came out superb as well ;) Good luck to you on exams as well girlie! Damn bio/pre-med?!?!?! And I'm whining why? I hear y'all have it a bit harder, just because there are so many labs as well as lecture stuff to study. So good luck, I'm glad you understand the stress :P Oh and happy holidays to you :D

What She Used

MAC Studio Finish Concealer NC35 - under the eyes
MAC Peachtwist Blush - on cheeks
Covergirl bronzer - as contour

Too Faced Eyeshadow in Steel Magnolias - the green part on inner eyelid
MAC Humid e/s - on outer eyelid and into the crease
MAC Carbon e/s - on outer most eyelid and into crease
MAC Naked Lunch e/s - as highlight
Loreal HIP cream eyeliner black - on upper lashline
MAC Engraved Powerpoint Eyeliner - on waterline
Covergirl Lashblast Mascara-black


I just have to say, Xiong is a genius at hair! You MUST do mine one day alright :D We can trade, I'll do your makeup, you do my hair :) Anywho, she did the Femme Gold/Black look with the wavy hair... all-in-one romantic date night look >.< I like how subtle and sweet in looks, even though in the corn row pic it's all "I'm a badass girl, don't mess with me" type look :D

Those corn rows are so hot... but they look ouchie!!! lol... oh and the MAC person did a great job on your makeup!


Annie also did the Smokey Green look. I LOVE your brows woman. I seriously need to fly one of y'all out to Texas just to get my brows done :D LOL like I have the money for that >_< Are you related to Rose from Asian Beauty Blog at all? Y'all look a lot alike :)


Cindy used Off the Radar, and you look STUNNING with it on! But I have to say, you are gorgeous. You remind me of Kristin Kreuk from Smallville and a little like Tila Tequila. I think she's pretty so I don't mean to be offensive lol.

What She Used

MAC Painterly Paint Pot - Applied with Sephora brush as a base
MAC Off the Radar Pigment - Used 239 brush to apply to entire lid
MAC Smut e/s - Used 224 brush to apply to outer V and blended into crease
MAC Brule e/s - Used Sephora brush to apply to brow bone as a highlighter and to blend any harsh lines.
Vincent Longo Jet Black liner - on top and bottom lashlines
MAC Beige-ing Shadestick - As a base for lower lashline
MAC Smut e/s - Smudged on lower lashline with 219 brush
Dior Show mascara - On top and bottom lashes


Aloha Eileen :) She did the Vintage Glam look, pulling it off like a charm. Your hair is luscious and beautiful, I think your makeup and hair compliments each other so well! And you're so lucky to have a bf who supports your obsession for makeup :) Wanna trade? LOL I joke I joke! Great job, you look amazing!


Thank you so much ladies for sending these into me! Y'all did fantastic. I love seeing different interpretations of looks, y'all inspire me to try some new things :) Anyways, going to bed now. Thanks everyone!


Simply said...

My god, Aiman is so gorgeous! I love her eyelashes *jealous*

Anna said...

they all are gorgous!!

anniewu said...

No, I'm not related to Rose haha. People always say I look like so and so. I guess I just have a common face? lol. Thanks for your compliment on my eyebrows. I actually got mine tattooed a year ago (thats how I keep it in such a nice shape all the time).

LynaV said...

they are all so pretty! look at what youve created stephie! :) lol everyone looks so good!

eileen said...

I'm so happy that you're allowing your readers to submit their photos! I love looking how other people do their shadow and makeup! If I was blogging on MySpace I would give you 2 kudos! Thanks Stephie!

Alice said...

Hey Stephie, I definitely like how you are posting reader submitted looks!!! They all look wonderful and maybe if I'm brave enough, I might submit some of my own. I definitely understand about the finals thing though. I had two last week and then this week I have two for my microbiology class (lecture and lab) and then two for my organic chem class (also for lecture and lab) so it's pretty nuts. I don't think finance and marketing and business law are any easier though. Good luck, it'll all be over soon!

The Faux Fashionista said...

Oh my...they're gorgeous! And Aiman's lashes are to die for! :D

cindy said...

Thank you Stephie you're too sweet. A lot of people have told me I resemble Kristen K. especially when the show was more popular and occasionally Zhang Ziyi too but I've never heard Tila Tequila before lol.

It was great to see so many people inspired by you. I agree that they are all beautiful and there is no doubt that there is so much talent amongst your readers =)

Fei said...

I'm in love with that Pandamonium look. That quad is quite possibly my favorite MAC item. :D

G_046 said...

wow, they all look nice!

i have a quick question for you though. What product do you use to make your skin glows? every single pic of you wearing the make up, your skin looks fabulous!! is this the micro powder thingi or the MSF (spell?) thingi from MAC?

Stephie said...

simply: i know! they're amazing!

anniewu: not really common i think, just beautiful :) wow so you don't need to fill them in or anything?

eileen: aww thanks! kudos to you too, you're look is awesome!

alice: good luck to you on finals!

cindy: yeah i thought you looked like tila in these pics:

from the side view anyways :)

fei: when i saw the submitted look, i seriously thought of you, dunno why :) now i think i'm just going to be thinking pandamonium quad = fei lol

g046: it's a mixture of things. the micro-fil powder definitely helps as well as the strobe cream but before that i would use iridescent powders, msfs, beauty powder, or shimmer :)

Anne said...

i finally got my blogspot working. i knew that i had one before. but anyways... i don't know how many anne's have been leaving you comments... but it's been awhile since i left you a comment.

so have i told you how your site is sooo addicting?! i guess that's a good thing that you're taking a break right now because of finals heeehee. but hopefully after this week... you'll be back on track doing your thing. anyways... good luck! hope you get the grade you want. hopefully you'll stop by my page once in awhile. and for all the information that you've shared, everyone appreciates it!!! you rock!

petitebelle said...

wow I love aiman's smoky green look, it's gorgeous. and Xiong's hair..I love those curls. these are so fun! it's like looking at a whole bunch of entries simultaneously, saves me a lot of clicking around lol. Anyway thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Anna said...

i'm going to link u stephie =]

Vanessa said...

Haha heck yeah sis, we have good hottness genes in our fam bam! LOL. And thanks! You are the queen of video tuts, I suck at em but I try dang it! haha yeah I get so nervous I just keep yapping...and I say umm a lot bad habit! Oh! And for the sculpting powder I use the one in "Sculpt", it's perfect for my skin tone, since im pretty fair, not too dark and not to light. Love you too Sis! I miss you! Muah!

Viii小公主 said...

Hi Stephie =)
first of all, i wanna say your blog is lovely and i got a lot of inspiration through reading your blog and looking at your pictures. your grasp of colours are amazing! and i really really appreciate your reader submitted looks, because it's interesting to look at everyone's take on make up. anyway, i have been reading your blog for some time but never commented. but today, i was at school and i tried to access your blog, but our school board's block screen came up and said your blog was banned from the system because it contained "pornography". i've been reading your blog for enough time to know there isn't any porn, so i just wanted to bring to your attention maybe you've been spammed or something? i'm not sure, but please be careful! keep up the good tutorials and fotds!

Chiara said...

So I was browsing your blog, and suddenly I hear this familiar piano melody, I check the song, and it turns out its one of Chopin's nocturnes. Turns out I played it like 2938457245 years ago and HATED it. But its so much nicer now. Did you play it before too? I read oh your "tag" post and you said you used to play piano :D

Mandy said...

Hey, I just love your blog! I dunno how to pull off any colors besides peach or browns since my eyes are blue-green. Everyone looks lovely! I'm also new on Blogger and I've linked you also so if you want to check it out, that'd be cool. Warning: I'm kind of a nerd, haha.

mei said...

stephie, i miss your blog updates and video tutorials! hope your finals are going well!

I.N.A said...

STEPHIE! I really like all of ur make-up tutorials! :) I would like to link u up gorgeous!