Saturday, September 29, 2007

Margaritas Cures Colds!

LOL I wish.

I got my Business Law exam back today, and I'm pretty bummed out. I got an 86, but what really pisses me off is that at the end of the test I changed to answers.... and if I had kept those answers, I would have made a 90. God, don't you just hate it when that happens? Oh well. I figure if I make a 92 on the next two exams I should do fine. And maybe I should stop stressing so much? I wish it was as easy said than done.

I'm pretty sure I failed my Finance exam. Btw, someone asked if my major is finance, and no, I'm an accounting major :D Not too different but yeah, slightly. I'm getting all worked up because I really don't want to drop any classes since each class is near to $1000. I might as well burn my money, right? This really is all my fault. Since I just transferred from another college, she told me to take only 12 credit hours. I pompously threw her suggestion aside and took 16. What a fuckhead I am. My stupid stupid hard-headed manner screws me up sometimes. I seriously just need to chill and stop being so fucking stressed!!!! I worry over everything & stress of nothing. I'm as patient as a child. I seriously just need to chill (how many times do I need to say this until it gets through do you think?).

On top of that I have a cold. I was at work today and it was super hard to not sneeze on my customers lol :D The weird thing is that I got good tips today.... maybe my pink nose and deep, stuffy, manly voice did something for them haha :P Whatevs. Before work my honie & I went out to eat with some friends at Cheddars. Do y'all know that they have $2.50 strawberry margaritas all day long? And they were yummay! Cheap and yummay, just how I like it.

^ Hehehe almost done with our drink ^
Next Tuesday is the Rihanna concert. I'm going to watch some of her vids to see what makeup I'll feel like doing and what to wear :D I'd appreciate some recommendations! Oh and the State Fair of Texas is here & I'm SO going :D lol how hick does that sound?


  1. these pics are cute! sorry to hear about your exam and cold :( i hope you do pass and get a good result! at least you got good tips even though u had the cold :P

  2. I miss Texas State Fairs!!! I have such fond childhood memories of the rides, cotton candy, big turkey drumsticks, and HUGE pickles...oh I wish CA stat faires are just as fun! Either that or I'm just old!

  3. omg leelee! you've been to the state fair? i know, when i moved away for a while, i missed it so much! i'll be taking lots of pics so i'll share :)


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